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GE Medical and VEDENG have reached a strategic cooperation and will work together in the anesthesia Market

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On June 6, 2019, GE Medical Group and VEDENG officially reached a strategic cooperation, aiming at "deep cultivation of anesthesia market", to provide high-quality anesthesia equipment and convenient one-stop procurement services for medical equipment dealers and medical institutions.




1、 GE Medical and VEDENG "strong team" work together for anesthesia Market


As the world's three medical giants, GE Medical is affiliated to GE (General Electric) company, the world's largest multinational company providing technology and service business, with the world's leading medical equipment manufacturing technology, its customers throughout the world's more than 100 countries, with more than 300000 employees.


Among them, GE Ohmeda anesthesia machine has been committed to providing high-quality and safe anesthesia machine solutions for global medical institutions. In the past 40 years of entering the Chinese market, GE Ohmeda anesthesia machine has been constantly innovating, sticking to the quality, and always implementing the goal of "assisting professional medical personnel and providing high-quality medical services for patients".


At present, there are 140 Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machines in Huaxi Hospital alone. As the first anesthesia department in China for nine consecutive years, its excellent management mode and anesthesia technology level reduce the anesthesia mortality rate of Huaxi Hospital to 1 / 300000. Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machine, as the "right-hand assistant" of anesthesiologists in Huaxi Hospital, provides reliable settings in terms of anesthesia safety Prepare safety assurance.


Why does GE Healthcare choose to "go hand in hand" with VEDENG to work together in the anesthesia market?


As the largest B2B e-commerce platform in China, Baden has 100000 + distributors' meeting


Members, 3000 + cooperative private medical institutions, 10000 + cooperative distributors, covering more than 300 Prefecture and city level channel resources in China.


At the same time, VEDENG has long operated respiratory anesthesia and other first-aid equipment, and has formed a mature product system, professional sales team, and perfect Department configuration. Take "perioperative equipment configuration list" as an example.






In view of the three stages before, during and after the perioperative period, perfect equipment has been equipped, among which the addition of Ge Ohmedaanesthesia machine carestation 30 has become a "bright spot" and "sharp tool" in the whole perioperative period.



2、 Anesthesia solution for primary medical treatment -- Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machine cs30





For whom:


① Resuscitation clinic of daytime operating room in tertiary hospital


② Basic medical institutions and specialized hospitals with operating rooms and anesthesia rooms


High quality service guarantee provided by VEDENG:


① One year warranty


② National after sales maintenance


As the leader of anesthesia machine field, GE Ohmeda anesthesia machine has occupied an important share in the high-end market since entering the Chinese market. It always hopes to provide safe and high-quality anesthesia machine experience to a wider range of medical institutions, so that more patients can enjoy the safety assurance service of Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machine.


Therefore, GE Medical has made unremitting efforts to redesign and optimize the configuration of anesthesia machine on the basis of ensuring the quality of anesthesia machine, and designed a new solution of anesthesia machine -- carestation 30. It is hoped that grassroots medical institutions providing safe and high-quality services for patients can also have high-quality and safe anesthesia equipment with limited equipment budget.


Since its launch, anesthesia machine carestation 30 has been recognized by many authoritative hospitals, and the installed capacity has gradually increased. It provides anesthesia technology with "safety" as the core, supports people from children to elderly patients, has an ingenious and exquisite body shape, and can reasonably use the Department space. In general anesthesia, local anesthesia and other surgical scenes, it can easily switch, so that the grass-roots medical institutions' desire to use high-quality anesthesia machine can be realized.


3、 Solution of "four pain points" -- Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machine cs30


In the existing grass-roots medical institutions, anesthesia equipment generally has the following "four pain points":


① Poor air tightness anesthesia equipment process is not up to standard, quality system is not perfect ② poor accuracy traditional flow sensor design, it is difficult to achieve lasting accuracy ③ short life of equipment, poor durability of anesthesia equipment, fast loss of equipment value ④ frequent failure, after-sale system is not perfect, and failure treatment is not timely


"Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machine carestation 30" dynamic tidal volume compensation technology, 360 minute ultra long battery life, integrated breathing circuit, automatic air leakage detection and other features can give patients stable tidal volume support, minimize the risk of system air leakage and accurate low flow anesthesia.


After a number of strict durability tests, the machine can effectively save the operation and maintenance costs of medical institutions and reduce the frequency of use and replacement.


GE Medical after-sales system is perfect, with 35 offices and maintenance stations nationwide, and more than 300 professional maintenance engineers.


A "Ge Ohmeda anesthesia machine carestation 30" can solve the "four pain points"!

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