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Heavyweight! 3M and VEDENG have reached strategic cooperation

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Recently, 3M Group and Nanjing Beiden Medical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baden Medical") signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Both parties agreed to establish a comprehensive and in-depth strategic partnership in the fields of data, products, content, marketing, etc., to jointly explore the full chain business model of "from production to sales" in the medical industry, and promote the circulation and development of medical equipment in the field of primary medicine .


1. Data access, which fully touches the dealer's demand for medical equipment

The huge user data bases owned by 3M and Baden Medical can bring more dimensions and more fine-grained cross-sharing to each other, so as to meet the more detailed needs of medical equipment dealers.


As a world-renowned multi-industry group, 3M medical products are favored by medical institutions in the domestic and foreign markets. Its medical solutions cover medical tapes, medical dressings, maternal and infant products, Aijiajia hand sanitizer, operating room products, disinfection and disinfection Bacterial monitoring, infection control and other series can provide high-quality medical equipment products for different medical institutions and medical scenarios to meet the needs and satisfaction of medical staff and patients for clinical treatment.

At the same time, with the advancement of the national grading diagnosis and treatment policy, the primary medical field has become the core field of development for manufacturers, medical equipment dealers and so on.

As the largest B2B e-commerce platform in China, Beiden Medical will deepen its efforts in the field of primary health care, and plan 100,000+ dealer members, 3000+ cooperative private medical institutions, and 10,000+ cooperative dealers, covering more than 300 prefecture-level cities in China. A variety of channel resources, work with 3M to promote advertising and medical equipment dealers' purchasing experience, and provide high-quality products for medical equipment dealers and medical institutions.

2. integrate superior resources and jointly explore the field of primary health care

Based on procurement cooperation, Beden Medical will also fully integrate its accumulated resources and capabilities in marketing and technology into the cooperation with 3M.

In terms of marketing, 3M Group's sterilization instruction cards, medical dressings, medical tapes, electrode pads and other series of products have been launched on many platforms such as Beiden's official website and Beiden select mall.

Relying on the huge traffic and customer groups in the primary medical field of Baden Medical, through the "online + offline" cooperation model, the largest online efficiency channels such as communication terminals, network interactive tools, and APPs are used online to reduce costs. Next, organize exhibitions, training, profit model sharing salons, manufacturers' open days and other activities, link 3M's high-quality resources, provide the most professional, efficient and timely support for medical equipment distributors, etc. Improve and promote the rapid development of its market.

3. Baden Medical-3M authorized distributors, all-round cooperation

As a special distributor of 3M medical solution products, Baden Medical will cooperate with 3M in an all-round way to promote the 3M series of products and empower distributors to further develop the field of primary medical care.




























Several products have been selected by Baden. Now click the link to learn more

The above are only some products of 3M and VEDENG medical cooperation, and there are more products, which are not listed here one by one.


In the future, 3M will work hand in hand with VEDENG Medical Co., Ltd. to provide one-stop purchasing service for medical equipment dealers and medical institutions in the primary medical field!

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