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Medical Face Shield

  • WJ-GLMZ-01
  • Single package size-screen 0.25 * 330 * 220mm
  • 350000 per day, three days after payment
  • Single gross weight-4.4kg
  • $4 – 5

Product Description

Product Description

Size: 505 * 360 * 410mm

Specification: 100 pieces / box (10 bags / box, 10 pieces / bag)

Scope of application of the product (the registration certificate has the scope of application): it can effectively prevent splashes, saliva droplets, viruses, dust, dust, smoke chemical solutions and other damage to the face or cross infection

Capacity: 350000

Net weight / gross weight: 2.7kg/4.4kg

 it is fixed on the user's head with elastic belt, and the transparent screen is placed on the user's face, covering the face completely, with good permeability and anti fog effect. It can prevent splashing of liquid or harmful chemicals, and has a good isolation effect on potential blood pathogens or droplets containing bacteria and viruses.

Product parameters: ① material: APET ② composition: APET panel, PP sponge, elastic belt, ABS button, paper label




Our Services

Vedeng medical strictly selects more than 100 high-quality products such as ultrasound, monitor, ventilator, injection pump, sterilizer, medical mask, gloves, protective clothing, forehead temperature gun and so on for global direct supply. Covering more than 300 high-quality brands including Mindray, Yuyue, Ge, Yi'an, Wandong, 3M, Zhende, etc. Through direct product purchase, centralized goods preparation, integrated supply and other ways, with high-quality products and standardized whole process experience to provide the best service for global buyers.


Company Information

Vedeng medical is the import and export trade platform of vedeng, the largest medical device e-commerce provider in China. It mainly provides integrated supply solutions and all kinds of high-quality medical products to fight against covid-19 for end buyers such as global governments, embassies, hospitals, foundations, enterprises, importers, etc.

Vedeng medical provides international buyers with convenient Chinese medical device supply channels, integrates more than 300 high-quality medical device brands and more than 20000 SKU commodity resources, and provides global customers with the best, professional and efficient one-stop procurement services.


Vedeng was founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Nanjing, China. At present, it has grown into the largest medical device e-commerce platform in China. The business has covered 297 cities or regions in China with a market coverage rate of over 90%. The global business has expanded to more than 20 countries and regions.


1. What is your MOQ?

A: The MOQ is based on your different order and packaging choose. Please contact us for more details. 

2.Do you provide samples? 

Yes,samples are free,generally samples are surplus packaging,that we produced before.But you should bear the shipping cost for sample.

3. I am a small wholesaler, do you accept small order?

A: It's no problem if you are a small wholesaler, we would like to grow up with you together.


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