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Yuwell and VEDENG have reached strategic cooperation to comprehensively promote the quality upgrading of primary medical market!

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Ten years ago, most of the equipment procurement modes such as medical equipment dealers and medical institutions were in the physical stores and exhibitions, and the cost of human and material resources consumed was on the high side. Today, however, it is quite different. A B2B e-commerce platform for medical equipment can lighten the equipment procurement process such as medical equipment dealers and medical institutions.


For example, when purchasing yuwell equipment, it can be realized on the e-commerce platform of VEDENG, experience one-stop purchasing service, and greatly reduce the cost of human and material resources.




On May 14, 2019, Yuwell appeared in the 81st CMEF spring exhibition. At the same time,

on May 15, Yuwell released the strategic cooperation with VEDENG, authorized several kinds of Yuwell equipment to carry out self promotion in VEDENG, and with the goal of "promoting the circulation and development of medical devices in the primary medical field", worked with VEDENG to work together in the primary medical field, expand the coverage of Yuwell equipment, and improve the primary level Medical service ability, better service to basic medical customers.


1、 Yuwell & VEDENG's "strong alliance" to jointly improve the quality of primary medical services


On February 27, 2019, the Ministry of Finance and the health and Health Commission jointly issued the notice on Issuing the subsidy budget for the improvement of the medical service capacity (clinical service capacity building) of the central government in 2018, which made it clear that the central government has issued a total of 2.328.1 billion yuan of subsidy fund to support the construction of the clinical service capacity of county-level public hospitals in poverty-stricken counties and the clinical service of grass-roots medical and health institutions Improve service ability.




This also means that the national poverty-stricken county-level hospitals, township hospitals, village clinics should be up to standard and upgraded! Lack of basic medical equipment has become a key problem to be solved!


2019 will be a year of continuous deepening of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, as well as a year when the country's policy support for primary medical institutions reaches a peak. The expansion of primary medical market is absolutely geometric, and it is also the key for dealers to seize the opportunity!




As one of the largest providers of medical equipment and solutions in China, Yuwell's products have covered six major sectors, including medical imaging, medical consumables, household medicine, surgical instruments, better life, Internet medicine, etc. since its establishment in 1998, it has hundreds of product types, nearly 600 product registration certificates, nearly 10000 product specifications, and the group's annual operating revenue in 2018 reached 8 billion yuan.


In recent years, it has undertaken a number of national and provincial and ministerial key topics, such as the national torch plan project, the national development and Reform Commission key industry revitalization and technological transformation project, the provincial scientific and technological achievements transformation project, and the provincial strategic emerging industry development project.


Why does Yuwell choose to "go hand in hand" with VEDENG and commit to the field of primary medical care?


In the fields of medical equipment R & D and sales of household medical equipment, Yuwell's channel coverage rate and salesperson's executive ability are leading. Yuwell has basically covered all major cities in the country. On Yuwell 2019 Tmall super brand day, it has become the top one of the five single product industries, with the national brand exposure of more than 370 million.


How to maximize the value of channel network, realize the efficient operation of B2B mode, and devote to the field of primary medical treatment is one of the problems that Yuwell management has always been thinking about.


The cooperation between the two sides is based on the channel resources of VEDENG 100000 + dealer members, 3000 + cooperative private medical institutions, 10000 + cooperative dealers, covering more than 300 cities and prefectures in China.



As China's largest B2B e-commerce platform for medical devices, VEDENG was founded in 2010. With B2B self operating platform as the core, focusing on the needs of township health centers, community health service centers, private hospitals and clinics and other basic medical institutions, it initiated a sales model with "medical product solutions" as the main focus, and combined with online + offline service model, it is a small and medium-sized medical device dealer and Private medical institutions provide professional and low-cost "one-stop product supply" services.


At the same time, with the help of the Internet, we will establish the most comprehensive and accurate customer database in the industry, and provide brand manufacturers with accurate, efficient, national and low-cost product promotion and sales channels.


This time, the two sides will rely on the coverage capacity of VEDENG in the grassroots medical market, and help the improvement of relevant equipment of grassroots medical institutions through self promotion.


2、 With all-round cooperation, VEDENG is the "signing agent" for Yuwells various products


List of some cooperation products of Yuwell & VEDENG:


Medical examination and monitoring equipment:


(1) Electronic sphygmomanometer


(2) Mercury sphygmomanometer


(3) Stethoscope


(4) Digital general diagnosis system


(5) Multifunctional inspection package


(6) Thermometer


Injection, care and protective devices:


(1) Electric aspirator


(2) Portable sputum aspirator


(3) Electric gastric lavage machine


Respiratory, anesthesia and first aid equipment:


(1) Positive pressure ventilator


(2) Atomizer


(3) Small oxygen generator


Surgical instruments:


(1) Anesthesia (2) knife


(3) scissors


(4) forceps


Clinical test equipment:


(1) Blood glucose meter


Injection, nursing and protective equipment:


(1) Indwelling needle


(2) Medical plaster


(3) Ventilation tape


(4) Absorbent cotton ball


(5) Gauze bandage


(6) Elastic band aid


(7) Medical antipyretic sticker


(8) Medical absorbent gauze


(9) Medical dressing paste


(10) Medical gauze


(11) Disposable alcohol tablet


(12) Disposable mask


Other devices:


(1) Patient carrying device


① Anti bedsore pad


(2) Medical rehabilitation equipment




Yuwell authorizes VEDENG to be the contracted agent of these hot products in the e-commerce channel of China.




The above are only some of the products that Yuwell cooperates with VEDENG, and there are more products. I will not list them one by one here.


In the future, Yuwell and VEDENG will work together to provide one-stop purchasing service for medical equipment dealers and medical institutions in the primary medical field!

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