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Yuwell,together with its four brands, "hand in hand" VEDENG, makes more basic medical institutions use good equipment.

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On May 15, 2019, Yuwell and beden formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the 81st CMEF. Both sides announced that they would give full play to their advantages and resources in their respective fields, and carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in many fields, such as product front-end promotion, sales transformation, user precipitation, etc.


Yuwell authorizes four brands of its advantageous products, including LK, JZ, Shangwei and Yuwell, to VEDENG for promotion. Combined with 100000 + dealer members, 3000 + cooperative private medical institutions and 10000 + cooperative dealers of VEDENG, Yuwell covers more than 300 cities and cities in China and other channel resources, and jointly explores a new one-stop procurement scheme for medical equipment in the field of basic level medical treatment, so as to comprehensively promote basic level medical treatment Treatment market quality upgrade!


1、 Signing ceremony of Yuwell and VEDENG



Zhao Shuai, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment & supply Co., Ltd. and Ding Haibo, CEO of Nanjing Beden Medical Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation agreement.




Lu Yunfei, deputy general manager of Strategic Sales Department of Jiangsu Yuwue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., said: the group is also in urgent need of giving full play to the integration effect of the group's products, which is a demand at the development level of the group. With the help of the flat b2b2b2c channel system of beden medical, the overall product solutions of Yuyue group can be "three highs", that is, to achieve a high brand of products Value added, high quality and cost-effective comprehensive product service plan.




Ding Haibo, CEO of Nanjing beden Medical Co., Ltd., said: I believe that beden medical and  Yuwell's partners will be able to spare no effort in the next few years, so that China's huge grass-roots and private medical institutions can more quickly and low-cost access to the good products and services of Yuyue group, and let us work together for the great development of China's grass-roots and private medical undertakings Contribute a part of our strength and responsibility.




The strategic cooperation of Yuwell VEDENG will take "promoting the circulation and development of medical devices in the primary medical field" as the goal, work together in the primary medical field, improve the primary medical service ability, and better serve the primary medical customers.


2、 Yuyue & VEDENG's "strong alliance" to jointly improve the quality of primary medical services


Yuwell, as one of the largest providers of medical equipment and solutions in China, since its establishment in 1998, its products cover six major sectors, including medical imaging, medical consumables, home medical care, surgical instruments, better life, internet medical care, etc., with up to 100 product types, nearly 600 product registration certificates, nearly 10000 product specifications, good product quality, good quality and high market recognition 。


As China's largest B2B e-commerce platform for medical devices, VEDENG was founded in 2010. With B2B self operating platform as the core, focusing on the needs of township health centers, community health service centers, private hospitals and clinics and other basic medical institutions, it initiated a sales model with "medical product solutions" as the main focus, and combined with online + offline service model, it is a small and medium-sized medical device dealer and Private medical institutions provide professional and low-cost "one-stop product supply" services.


This joint venture of Yuwell and  VEDENG is based on the channel resources of  VEDENG 100000 + dealer members, 3000 + cooperative private medical institutions, 10000 + cooperative dealers, covering 300 cities and cities in China.


Through the most complete and accurate primary medical customer database established by Baden on the Internet, it provides four brand advantage products for the primary medical market, including Likang, Jinzhong, Shangwei, Yuwell, etc.


Through high-quality good products, professional service guarantee, so as to promote the overall improvement of the quality of primary medical market!


In the future, Yuwell and VEDENG will make more attempts, and have a deeper exploration in the field of primary medical care, so that more primary medical institutions can use good products!


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